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LUS Fiber is Lafayette’s community owned telecommunications system, providing video, Internet and phone service to residents and businesses over the city’s only 100% fiber optic network. Communications has become the fourth utility and ours is the first municipal Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) system serving an entire community in Louisiana.

What began as a fiber system to improve operations of the various facilities within the Lafayette Utilities System, has grown into a catalyst for local economic development, education innovation and enhanced video, Internet and phone services for residents and businesses.

With overwhelming community support, voters approved a bond issue in 2005 resulting in the creation of LUS Fiber and allowing the sale of telecommunications services.

With a fiber infrastructure prepared for the future, Lafayette is poised to develop new technological tools and applications that will help us work smarter, educate our students more effectively, deliver healthcare more efficiently and improve our overall quality of life.

While we must, by law, recoup our costs and operate within our budget, LUS Fiber is not a profit-driven entity. As a municipal system, our goals are always focused on what’s best for our customers and our community, now and 100 years from now.

LUS Fiber is a 100% fiber network that’s better than fast, more than reliable and 100% yours. And by yours, we mean it's Lafayette’s. Remember, we're a local company through and through with headquarters right here. Let us know how we can better help our community, or contact us for ideas about how you can get involved.




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