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What is an LUS Fiber neighborhood?

 An LUS Fiber Neighborhood is a partnership between LUS Fiber and developers to pre-wire Lafayette's newest neighborhoods with LUS Fiber service.

• Cottages on the Green is the first official LUS Fiber Neighborhood.

• Studies show that fiber-ready homes have an increased value of $4,000-$7,000 over non-fiber connected homes. (Source: Render, Vanderslice and Associates)

• LUS Fiber Neighborhood homeowners will enjoy an expedited installation schedule.

• Internet, video and phone services will be available when home is move-in ready.

• Custom installations are available. Property integrity is maintained, no need to secure pets or gates. Video, Internet and phone are ready to go.


What is broadband? More importantly, what is LUS Fiber broadband?

It’s the technology of the future. Fiber optic broadband is the world's most advanced technology. A fiber optic network stretching all the way to the home makes all the difference in the world when it comes to Internet connectivity. And, that’s only offered by LUS Fiber.

Some of the advantages of living in an LUS Fiber Neighborhood:

• Fastest Internet in Town. Period.

• Symmetrical upload and download speeds.

• Almost no lag, very secure, extremely reliable.

• Big-pipe bandwidth allows you to simultaneously stream video AND upload photos AND download movies AND stream music AND game online AND more.

• Symmetrical Upload and Down Load speeds.

• Peer to Peer Internet within the city of Lafayette on our system.

• True 1080i technology.

• Hub City WiFi available for your home.

• Local company, reinvesting in our community.

• Crystal clear phone service.

• Light over fiber is the best way to transmit information between electronics.

• Light has no interference, so all video channels, voice calls and data information are secure and error-free.

• Fiber systems as a whole use less energy than traditional DSL and cable systems.

• With pre-constructed conduit in the neighborhood and to the homes, installation time is drastically reduced. 


Click here to see the LUS Fiber Neighborhood Builder's Installation Guide. 


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Put your clients into the home of their dreams in an LUS Fiber Neighborhood!

Call 99-Fiber to learn more about becoming an LUS Fiber Neighborhood partner.





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