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Redefining Fast – When we say fast, we may need to redefine that for you. This kind of speed is not something you can find from other providers in Lafayette. Imagine downloading a full-length feature film in just four minutes. While your neighbors are complaining about endless waits while downloading files, you’ll be enjoying your movie and eating popcorn.

A 100% Fiber Network that’s Fast, Reliable and Yours  Optical fiber is hundreds of times faster than DSL, cable or wireless systems. While our competitors may use a partial fiber system, ours is all fiber, all the way to your home. That means no data compression, and none of the bottlenecks and slowdowns that occur when data reaches the antiquated copper technology the other guys are using to deliver the signal to your residence.

Latency – Little to None with LUS Fiber  This is a term you may not have heard much about, but it’s very important in the delivery of your data over the Internet. Latency slows down the processing of information through the network and directly affects the speed of your Internet connection. Other networks experience varying degrees of latency, all much higher than ours. With LUS Fiber’s low latency, your online activity takes place in near real-time, with immediate action and reaction times.

Behemoth Bandwidth – Don’t let those hair-thin strands of glass fiber fool you. LUS Fiber gives you the broadest broadband you can get. Large files, like pictures of the grandkids, distance learning applications or your favorite movies, can clog the pipes of punier networks. But our enormous bandwidth can keep massive amounts of data flowing freely, with no compression. As we demand more and more from our technology, either for entertainment purposes or productivity, a full-fiber network like ours is the only infrastructure ready to handle the sophisticated applications available to us now. And, it’s poised to make the most of future technologies that we have not yet even dreamed of.

Equal Upload and Download Speeds – Choose from 3, 60, 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps or even 2 GIGABITS per second for both uploading and downloading files. No other local provider can give you complete bandwidth of balanced upload and download speeds.

Effortless WiFi – Sign up for one of LUS Fiber's Internet service packages combined with Hub City WiFi, and get your home's wireless network professionally installed. Setup for as many as five devices is included to ensure great performance for all of your family's activities. Sign up for Hub City WiFi Plus and get Lafayette's fastest in-home WiFi with our Gig Connection Internet service. 

1000 Mbps Peer-to-Peer – When you communicate with other LUS Fiber Internet customers, you’ll transfer files at an unheard-of 1000 Mbps*, upload and download. That’s another exclusive LUS Fiber advantage. *3 Mbps Internet customers receive 100 Mbps Peer-to-Peer speeds. 

Share Huge Files in No Time – The capacity of a 100% fiber network means a “big pipe” that allows enormous amounts of data to flow through easily and quickly. So, go ahead, send movies, photos and other memory-hungry files. They’ll be there in a flash.

An Online Gamer’s Nirvana – Incredible bandwidth, speed and low latency give you the ammunition to win big over your online competitors.

Award-winning Security – Free ZoneAlarm Security Suite, a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice.





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