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Residential Digital Telephone: Package & Pricing Guide

Bring value back to your landline phone with budget-friendly service, a wide array of calling features and long distance calling plans.

Basic Line
Includes 3-Way Calling, Call Waiting, Cancel Call Waiting, Anonymous Call Rejection, Home Intercom and 5 cents per minute long distance (Continental US)

First Line - $5.00* with purchase of Internet and TV services and two-year agreement. **Premium Phone Features Package: Caller ID, Caller ID Block, Voicemail and Call Waiting ID included. 

Standard pricing - $15.95*

Calling Features

Basic Phone Features Package - $0.00*

Standard pricing - $5.00

Adds: Automatic Callback, Automatic Recall, Various Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Outgoing Call Blocking, Selective Call Rejection, Selective Call Acceptance, Speed Dialing


Premium Phone Features Package - $0.00*

Standard pricing - $13.00
Adds: All features listed in Basic Phone Features Package plus Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID

Additional phone features are available to add individually giving you more flexibility and value to your phone. See the a La Carte Features section for details.

Calling Plans

Unlimited Long Distance - $15.00
No per minute rate charge (Continental US)

Long Distance Change Charge - $5.00
International Long Distance

Over 700 locations worldwide, no monthly fee
- Per Minute Rates Vary

800 Service

800 Basic Plan - $5.00
800 Directory Listing - $5.00
Telephone Number Change Request - $25.00
Virtual Telephone Number - $15.00

Directory Listings

One standard white page directory listing is available free of charge. Additional and special listings are available at the rates listed below.

Additional Listing - $1.50
Cross Reference Listing - $1.50
Alternate Listing - $2.25

Unpublished and Non-Published Telephone Number Service

Non-listed Number - $3.50
Non-published Number - $5.50

Other Service Charges

Phone Restoration - $10.00

Premise Visit - $20.00

Additional Outlet - $60.00

Wallfish Fee - $35.00

Returned Check - $20.00

Credit Card Charge Back - $20.00

Monthly rates shown are available to residential customers only and do not include required taxes or fees. Subscriber to provide the correct equipment (caller ID display unit or phone with built-in display) to view caller ID data. 

*Price does not include $5.10 LATA Access Fee. 

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